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Lake Improvement Project



What is it?
"Lake Improvement Project"

The Lake Committee has put together a plan to address our lake concerns ending in what we call the “Lake Improvement Project” or “L.I.P.”. With this program we looked into the current needs, as well as the overall future health and maintenance of our lake. By having special funding for this project, it will reduce the burden on the fixed asset budget from the lake requests and allow those funds to be available to other amenities in 2018 and 2019.

Membership meetings were held on July 22nd and 29th to present this program with a special membership vote that took place on Saturday, August 26, 2017. The LCA Membership voted to approve the L.I.P.

The L.I.P. is a separately funded initiative. It is not funded from the annual Fixed Asset Budget (FAB). This frees up much needed funds from the FAB that can be used for other amenities and projects. Without the L.I.P. budget, these maintenance and improvement projects would take a decade or better to complete.

A detailed description of these projects will be documented within the L.I.P. webpages.

Questions regarding this initiative can be sent to These will be addressed immediately by our team of professionals and posted here on our website.

The LCA Board, Management, Lake, Finance & Steering Committees support this program and look for your support.

The Lake Committee