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Equestrian Overview


In 1998 the Equestrian Area was reestablished on six and a half acres located behind the dam. Years ago, there was land dedicated to the Equine located behind Fawn Lake. Even though no one actually owned a horse in 1998, they set out to tackle a massive clean up which took one and a half years to complete. Workers laugh when they remember seeing pieces of metal sticking out of the ground and when they went to pull them out, found a whole tractor or car attached. Turns out the area used to be a “dump” for the local farmers years ago. With the help of our maintenance department crew, 60 tons of metal was removed. Tires, tires and more tires were also collected for recycling. The Club was allowed to keep the recycling money to put back into the Equestrian Area.

Members may view Equestrian pictures in the Equestrian Photo album.