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Equestrian Information


A little history:

In 1998, the Equestrian Area was reestablished on six and a half acres located behind the dam. In 2001, twenty volunteers from Lake Carroll put in a water system, to take care of the horses’ watering needs. Recently, the Association allocated 3.75 acres by the Ski Hill, for a pasture area and future building site. This area, though still in development stages, has been fenced in and is currently home to some of the "BIGS". Many families enjoy keeping their horses at Lake Carroll during the summer. Yearly registration fees are $30.00 per horse.

Lake Carroll’s resident equines:

The "Big's": The big horses are all owned privately by members.

"The Mini's": There are miniature horses on the property, some are owned by the Equestrian Club and others privately owned by LCA members.

The Equestrian Club:

In 2000, Lake Carroll Association members who played an active roll in maintaining, improving and utilizing the Equestrian Area formed the Equestrian Club. One of the Club’s goals is to have a four-season amenity with an indoor area, with the possibility to expand or improve at a future date. The Equestrian Club welcomes, encourages and wants you to visit the horses. You’re invited to bring carrots for treats for both the minis and bigs; be sure to offer your treats safely and under adult supervision. Please no apples, as they can upset their stomachs. The Club also stresses for safety reasons, please don’t enter the pasture areas; do your visiting at the gates and fences. As obvious as it is that the “bigs” are very strong, don’t let the minis’ size fool you. They are likewise very strong. Equestrian members want everyone to have a good experience and a fun time down at the Equestrian Area.

Club membership dues are $20.00 per family. For membership information you may contact Kim Mehringer at 815-493-6953. Membership monies go directly to the costs associated with the medical care and feed for the min horses, which allow them to reside at Lake Carroll. If you want to join the Equestrian Club, LCA Members may print out a membership form by clicking here.

Members may view Equestrian pictures in the Equestrian Photo album.